XR 600 rear rim fit xr650 bike

Will a 2000 xr650 rear wheel fit a 1995 xr600 bike?

The 650R will not fit an XR600. I think a XR650L will fit but not the 650R

Can a xr650 rear rim be modified to fit an xr600 bike? What is the difference...is it the axle, bearings or hub ???

I think the axel on the 650R is bigger which would mean the hub is different. :)

I had asked the same question when I was looking for a wheel. I was told by people that raced Baja and had extra 600 wheels that the disc brake rotor didn't line up as well as the axel was bigger. The front wheel can work if you use the spacer from the 600 on the 650. Now I think the 650L is the same and there is one on ebay cheep right now.

i think the out diameter of the bearings mybe the same its the inside that is different might check that not sure about the rotor lining up we never tried that

if that was any help i would be suprised


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