Wisconsin Riders...Need your help.

Hey Fellow Midwesterners,

There is a possibility I could be relocating to the eastern side of WI (Manitowok area). Tell me about riding in WI, registering my WR (registered now in NH) anything and everything.

I grew up in MN, 23 years, so am privy to the friendliness of the Great Midwest!

I will be closer to Moab now!


There are a few places to ride , but you will have to drive a little. There are quite a few motox tracks, and a bit of publicy and privately owned trail systems. I just got a call last night that my 02 YZ250 is in, so if you do get out here we will have to get together!!

As far as registering your bike, you shouldn't have any problems, you will just be transferring registration anyway.

I live between Milwaukee and Madison, so I am not too far away from Manitowoc. Let me know what's happening!!

Hey Dave

I was just down in blackriver falls yesterday

(coming back from the dells) and seen some trails in jackson county are these any good for riding?

A kid who was gasing up said there was miles of trails and bikes are ok just not in clark cty.

How is kevin going to register his bike when we can't register ours?


Hey Higgy,

I had my WR registered,if you already have it registered you can usually get away with it. Black River Falls trails are all right, but they are very sandy and wide open, and there are alot of ATV's on them. They used to have bike trails, but they were closed this spring. We are trying to get them re-opened. Clark county has bike trails and ATV trails, you can't ride a bike on the ATV trails, and vice-versa.

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