2004 Yzf 450

Heres A Good One- Bought The Bike New And Picked It Up And Dealer Says We Dont Have A Owners Manual. Been 2 Weeks. Can Somebody Give Some Specs On How Often To Change Oil, What Weight To Use,type Of Plug, Any Miscellaneous Tidbits? Thank You Very Much.

Oil- If I remember right, you change it and the filter after 15-20 hours of break in (it may be shorter than that) then about every 10-15 hours. I used to run Mobil 1 red cap 15-50, but they aren't making that oil anymore. Shell Rotella T 5-50 synthetic is supposed to be good, and so is the Amsoil synthetic. Oil is kind of a personal choice, kind of like which type of underoo's you wear :)

Plug- go to motoman393.thumpertalk.com and there is a PDF version of the manual for the 01 on there... I think the plug in the 450 is the same as the 426. I can't remember off the top of my head what type it is.

Miscellaneous- enjoy that big blue thumper! :)

Ok.......2004 yz450f

Oil Capacity 1.06 qt. With filter Change 1.16 qt Bike total 1.27 qt.

(use almost a quart and half)-Put quart in start bike and add/check until ok on dip stick. I change oil every race or 10 hours of play riding. Change filter every oil change !!!

I use Castrol Actevo 10-40w

Book says- Yamalube 10-30w 10-40w Non fricition mod, depending on riding temp.

Spark Plug = NGK CR8E

Stay anal on oil changing and it will run for a long time.

O Yeah, drain all 3 plugs when chaning oil, even the little one.

Ty guys ! I had the same questions, just hadden't asked yet. A newbie like me, can use all the help he can get.

I would keep on them to give you the manual. There is alot of good info in it.

You can get the owners manual on CD off of Ebay for under 2 bucks.

I have an '04 as well. Motul 5100 (synthetic/blend) came highly recommended when I bought it. I change my oil after a couple days of races or 7 hours practice and have been servicing the filter every other oil change. 60+ hours on the motor and it still fires up first kick. The manual says to loosen the dip stick when draing the oil - be sure to retighten before you ride!! (I found out the hard way).

Also, when you clean the screen in the tube from the frame (every 15 hours per manual) you have to loosen some bolts from the tube to the motor - be sure to check frequently! Mine became loose and I caught it right before a race, otherwise I would have left all my oil on the track.

Change the oil after break-in and switch to a synthetic (you should be using Yamalube during the break-in period). Then change your oil every couple rides after that to keep things fresh. Depends on the temperature, but 20w-40 works well for me.

As for the spark plug, some say you should also change that after break-in but I have been using the stock plug for seven months now and am still getting excellent spark. When your ready to switch to a new plug go Denso Iridium.


Any of you use the MX4T from Mobil1?

I'm thinking of going that route but it only comes in 10W40 (I think). Manual calls for 20W40.

I am also thinking about Motorex.

Any opinions?

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