Lookin for a IDS2 for my 650L

I'm lookin for a Supertrapp IDS2 quiet series for my 650L. I just wanna check for a used before buying a new!



either way, I think you'll like it ... I got one not long ago, and it seems to be very well made, and quiet when new ... not sure how it performs, I still need to re-jet

I am looking into a pipe to open up the power on my 03 650L, and leaning towards the White E Series S Bend, Or the Big Gun

The FMF looks pretty nice as well..havent really seen the SuperTrapp

I think the White Bros has an AWESOME look...but the Big Gun has a lifetime 50% discount for replacement if broken or damaged when ridden a lil 2 hard....&*#@ CRASH !!!

Anyone share their thoughts on what they run???

Live Long...Ride Hard

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