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Just installed JD kit on my 525mxc

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Just installed the JD kit on my 2005 525mxc, and after a 5 minute test ride all I can say is WOW! The kit definitely worked! I noticed an improvement as soon as I started the bike up. Usually, the big bore doesn't want to start too easily in the cold weather, especially if it has been sitting around for a week. Not this time, the bike started up on the first try, and it is 40 degrees outside. Plus, it warmed up quickly and easily with out wanting to stall out.

When I took the bike out for a test ride, I noticed there was no hesitation at all when snapped the throttle! This remined me of how reponsive my 250F was, and how much I missed being able to snap the throttle. The bike also pulled instantly from closed throttle all the way through to WOT like I had a rocket stuck to the fender. Now this is the kind of power I was expecting from the bike when I first bought it! Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I am extremely happy with the results of this kit. If I knew jetting my bike was this easy, then I would have bought the kit when I bought the bike.

Thanks James Dean,


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