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Suspension Database - Please Fill out.

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There are a lot of people that have spent considerable time adjusting and modifying the stock suspension on a DRZ400.

If you could please take a moment to check your bike by turning the adjustment screws all the way in and count the clicks (or turns) out.

Please copy this below and add your settings.

My Settings (Stock) on the '05 DRZ400S are as follows:

Model: DRZ400S

Weight (With Gear): 175

Style of Riding: Enduro / Desert

Ratio of Riding: 95% Dirt / 5% Street


Air Pressure Screw: 0 psi

Rebound (Top): 16 Clicks Out

Compression (Bottom): 12 Clicks Out

Spring/Mods: Stock


High Speed Compression: 1 1/4 Turns Out

Low Speed Compression: 10 Clicks Out

Rebound Damping Force: 13 Clicks Out

Race Sag: 3"

Spring/Mods: Stock

I feel the stock suspension is too soft for any hardcore jumping, or whoops, as the back end tends to kick up..

Any additional suspension tips are extremely welcome!!!

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i think its more the opposite.most are not running stock settings.

there is far more to it than just clickers.

the stock .44 forks springs are to soft for your wieght.you need .46's.

the stock 5.5 shock spring is slightly stiff for you. 5.4 is optimum,but 5.5 should be close enough.

running 3 inches of sag is to little for you.try closer to 3.5-3.75 inches.

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That makes a lot of sense... The rear tends to kick up over jumps, and the only way I could slow it down is by turning the rebound damper in two clicks - it seems to jump a LOT better and land smoother... Whoops aren't scary anymore...

I screwed up on that post - that is my weight with just regular clothes on - I'll put all my gear on and see what I weigh with my boots and helmet, 1/2 gallon of water and backpack...

Can I change the front springs myself? Are they cheap? Where do you get them and are they brand-specific?

Found this: $80

42.7X42.7X520 DRZ FORK SPRING KIT .46kg

(Is that the right part?

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My suggestions;

1. Call Rob at RG3 suspensions.

2. Remove forks and shock and send to Rob at RG3 Suspension.

3. wait...wait...wait...

4. 10 days later recieve forks and shock from Rob at RG3 Suspension.

(Play in packing peanuts... :lol: )

5. Brush off peanuts and install forks and shock.

6. Ride your bike and revel in how good the suspension is!!!!

I had mine done first in 2000.

Changed the fluids in 2001, 02 and 03.

In 2004 I had Rob and the guys check over my suspension at Loretta Lynn's Ranch and they found that the anodizing in the shock body was gone as was the piston!!

Took it back to Cali, repaired and rebuilt the shock.

It all works great and is now due for fluid changing!!!!


Did I mention Rob at RG3 suspension????? :banghead:

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Here's my entry...


Air Pressure Screw: 0 psi

Rebound (Top): 13 Clicks Out

Compression (Bottom): 10 Clicks Out

Spring/Mods: Stock


High Speed Compression: 3 Turns Out

Low Speed Compression: 8 Clicks Out

Rebound Damping Force: 10 Clicks Out

Race Sag: 4"

Spring/Mods: Stock

My weight: 210 pounds

Primary riding style: Rocky single track and hard packed ATV trails.

Offroad Riding Experience: 27 years

Using DRZ For: 80 % dirt and 20% street

Tires: DOT Knobbies

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Thanks for bringing this back up!!! I have been doing TRUE DUAL PURPOSE with my bike now for about 3 months , and I'm losing track of my suspension settings!!!

I've been going to Baja and the Desert with the Blue/white plastics and MX knobbies, 112 length chain and 15/47....

THEN... when I get back - I switch out the tires to trailwings, 110 link chain and 15/41 sprocket, and putting the black plastics on and ride our 250 mile loop with my sportbike friends in the twisties... Its fun up to 100mph... Sucks after that. Two of them can go 196 mph (R1 and CBR1000)!

I have my suspension set up REALLY stiff for the street - at 90-100mph, I like it tight.. Especially when I back it into corners..

For Baja - I soften up the compression and rebound, so I can have constant contact with really bumpy roads at 60ish mph...

Anyway - I just got back from Ocotillo Wells - it was only about 95 degrees out there today, so we all woke up at 4AM and drove out there and got home about 3pm!!! Good ride... My cousin just bought a WR450, my Brother already had a WR450, and my other Brother-in-law has a YZ250 two-smoke.. WE had fun - the dunes were untouched at Sand Dam, and nobody was there!

Back to the thread - sorry - I am glad you posted your settings - hope others will also.. I know its a pain in the ass, but please go count your clickers - I'd like to set it up right without sending RG3 a grand...

Left and Right Brain


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I'll add my main riding buddy's settings to your reference, too. He lurks here a lot, but I don't think he posts very much...

He rides an 03 KLX400R (Green DRZ400E).

His weight: 160

Race sag: 3 3/4 inches

All damping settings stock, except the blue high-speed compression rear shock adjuster, which is set at 3 full turns out.

He's running Dunlop D606s front and rear.

He rides the same rocky trails that I do.

Here's a photo of both bikes...


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