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Safety sticker?

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I can't answer for sure for California, but the Iowa DOT just looked at mine today. Iowa DOT was looking for the sticker that says: This motorcycle meets all federal safety requirements in effect at the time of manufacture.

Only "street legal" bikes have this sticker. He didn't care about anything else. My bike currently has no lights and screws in the tires, since I have been trailriding. The inspector checked the VIN, found the sticker and said everything was ok, and I should get my plate soon. He said that as long as it had that sticker, he assumes that it had all the federal requirements to be street legal when I bought it. He didn't care that it was equipped like a MXer when he looked at it.

It is a 2005 TE250 Husky and my sticker was under the seat. I seriously doubt that your WR has one.


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