New maker of Stainless steel oil filter ?

Not a very good advertisement using a shitty photo like that!

Stick with the Scott's if I were you!

I have the same filter Scotts sells. I would not buy one again. There is no way that these filter better than stock and the rubber deforms after some time. These are far from lifetime filters. These filters belong in the trash along with K&N products.

You can get paper filters for pretty cheap $5-7.

I have never been comfortable with the idea of a permanent filter for a dirt bike. We use these type of filters on aircraft and they are designed to be thrown out after each use. The can only be used if they have been cleaned by ultrasonic equipment. I agree that paper is cheap and they can be replaced often.

There are no published filtration specs on the CRT filter. Calling the company is a waste of time because they'll just give you the run around instead of giving you facts or they won't return your calls. I was genuinely interested in trying this product, but now I'm very skeptical, especially after calling the company.

Ready filter will soon be selling a stainless filter with a 35 micron rating and it comes with a annodized billet cover for $59.95 retail. Here's the link...

I use a Scotts in both our 250f and 426f not for its filtering qualities.

I use them because the paper filters do bypass on cold stars and the SS units dont. Oil flow is more important than micron rating at that level.


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