WR450 sprocket

I'm thinking of going up a tooth on my front sprocket for easier road cruising, what brand should I buy? and will I notice the lack of low end on the trails? or should I plan on swapping back and forth? I ride mostly tight stuff up north and more dirt roads and streets at home so swapping back and forth would be ok. Thanx.

When I did that, the stock 15t replacement(with rubber damper) was the least expensive of any my LYD had....

Bump...Same situation, I'd like to go up to a 15 front for higher speed desert riding. Any opinions? Thanks.

just do it! the 450 has plenty enough power to pull a taller gear. :)

I just went from a 14 to a 16, with a 46 on toothon the back on my 426, i noticed a bit of power loss in 4th and 5th gear, but still pulls like a rocket, and now i cruise around 60 to 70 mph without having to rev the piss out of it, top speed of around 90-100mph, I am running supermoto tires and rims so the back tire is a little smaller

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