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Symptoms of Leaking Bleeder Valve?

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Would a leaking bleeder valve cause head shake? My '04 CRF450 bleeder valves had been drilled for sub- tanks and the guy put bolts in without orings. I tried putting o-rings on but with no grooves on the bolt they just flatten and split. I tried teflon tape but I was worried about it falling into the fork and mucking things up. I finally settled on making a gasket with gasket material and pipe dope, but the last time I rode the bike it felt very unsure, and head shakey!! There was a little dust on the top of one cap which could have collected from leaking fork oil! If the oil was leaking I assume air was also leaking, would this cause major front end problems? Any advice would be helpfull. Is the air necessary to prevent bottoming or for damping effect of the fork? 🙂

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