Will '04 WR450 Wheels fit '02 WR426??

I'm in the process of buying some Gold Supermoto Talons from an '04 WR450. I was told they would fit my '02 WR426. However, I've since been told that they may not fit :)

Can anyone help??

Go to http://parts.yamaha-motor.com/

and look up the part numbers for each model. Generally the same part number if they are interchangeable.

Nice one condog!!

The wheel parts I checked (hubs, spacer beads..) are the same on each model, as are the discs. Strange, as I always assumed the rear disc on a 450 was much bigger than on other WRs/YZ's :)

The only thing that appears to be different are the actual calipers. However, I assume that if the discs are the same either caliper must fit the disc.

I haven't checked everything thoroughly, just what appears to be the most obvious, although I'm a complete wheel novice. Are there any other specific parts I should check for compatibility??



From my ole '02 YZ426 up to my '05 YZ250 all the wheels are interchangeable. You should be good.


I've just found out that the wheels are from a YZ450, not a WR450. So I've just checked the part numbers out and everything is the same except the front hub :D

I've just phoned Central Wheel Components (Uk Wheelbuilders) and they confirmed that the back wheel will fit, but the front hub is different, so it won't fit :) FFS!!!!

Does this mean I'm f**ked and I've got to buy a new hub, or will a different spacer do it????

This is doing me in - one minute everything's cool, the next minute I'm shagged :):p:D Please....somebody - bring good news!!!

The front hub is probably different because of the odometer pickup. I'd imagine that if you're not using your odometer you'd probably be okay. If you have a Yamaha dealer close by maybe you could go do a visual inspection between the YZ and WR.

Cheers for your advice mate. There's a Yammie dealership just down the road - I'll pop in. Aside from getting my tape measure out, and apart from the odometer, is there any specific way of seeing if the wheels are similar or different??

Only concern is, when I phoned them, this dealership also said the '04 YZ front wheel wouldn't fit an '02 WR front wheel :)

I just hope they're confused and mistaken!!!



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