Unabiker Radiator Guards

Any feed bake on ThumperTalks Radiator Guards and what about the brace ?



I would highly recommend Unabiker guards to anyone. They offer great protection front and rear and come in a few different colors. I have crash tested mine already and I have a new set of bars but my rads are fine.

Its like the old Amex slogan. Dont leave home without them! :)

Just a note, when BigDavey says he has crash tested them, he is NOT bullshatting anyone. He tumbled his ride down a couple of pretty big hills. His rads came out better than his handlebars and his shoulder. :) Those rad gaurds are tough. :)

The Unabikers are the best thing going right now. Without a doubt, you need radiator protection. Unabikers won't let you down. Plus Brian is a TT member and supporter Purchase through this website and help support it. :)

Done I will get them again.

Now I just got to find a way to get them into Canada without paying the duty.

Thanks For Your Help


Come on down for a winter ride and pick them up here in Indianapolis along the way! Brian can arrange for your pick up date and time. :) We are doing the WudI7 ride (4 days in Hot springs arkansas) Feb 25,26,27, 28th and you are welcome to come. Over 60 riders coming fromt the frozen North! info on web located here:


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