Generator cable covering.

What wraps around the generator cable where it goes through the case? I purchased my 426 used and it has always had the wires exposed right before they go through the case, I noticed on an 05' 450 that there appears to be some type of black tape. But not having another 426 to look at I'm not sure what was on there when it was new. By the way the generator cable is the one on the left side of the motor near the timing mark hole.

the wire should be cmoing out of the generator cover through a rubber plug....then what i did was a wrapped my wires with the plastic according wire protector then i electrical taped around that all the way to the end of the wires.........then i even used some "liquid electrical tape" near the rubber plug just for added water proofing, that liquid electrical tape is like a paint on black liquid stuff that drys flexible.........great for hard to tape areas that you want to keep protected and waterproof........

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