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Ratio of intake to exhaust volume?

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Recently purchased the Baja Designs exhaust baffle that fits the HRC

insert, its a nicely made, albeit expensive piece of stainless. While

sitting in the driveway idling, inserting, and removing it, you can

clearly detect the general "stuffing" effect this is going to have on

performance (haven't ridden it yet). They reccommend one size smaller

on the main jet.

I got to thinking about the use of this product to effect mixture due

to change in altitudes. One could remove it (except in Ca.) after

gaining significant vertical to keep things from getting so rich.

Same thing maybe for untaping over a drilled out airbox cover. A lot

cheaper than an Edelbrock.

Has anyone tried any of these things or see any reason it wouldn't


Any reason I should re-restrict my airbox with the use of this


Should I expect slightly better low end torque with the greater back

pressure from this product? It feels like I lost some after

installing the HRC tip though mid and high rpm are way better.

Thanks for your opinions...


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are you going for something quiet or performance because most things performance means more flow which would mean you need more fuel going down one jet size would decrease flow ,dont sound right :)

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