Radiator Guards

Any offroaders out there have good guards you can recommend? I have an '05. I want something that will protect from front and side impacts...and still offer good cooling.

DEVOL or FLATLAND racing guards...........

IMO, Ty Davis has the best quality stuff. Check out what he's got at ZipTy Racing.

Unabiker are the best available period! He has the 2005 models out already! You can buy them from our TT store.

Here is the web site as well: www.unabiker.com

I used works connection on my YZ426. They wasn´t any good when i needed them i can tell ya! :) Ofcourse they might take small bumbs and so, but only if the hit came directly from the side. Not if you hit the ground while the bike is moving forward. My radiator was completely torn apart. Both the at the frame side and at the other side.. And i mean completely. I wasn´t even going very fast. Is was a small jump in a corner, i got in the wrong line and took the ground. :)

Thanks everybody for your responses. I knew about the devol and I have used works connection in the past. I will give all of them a good look and decide from there.

I too think the works connections guards stink...Especially in a CRF where the radiators are paper thin.

I'm running the DeVol but if I had looked more closely before I would have went with the unabiker. Just my 2 cents.

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