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'05 450 suspension setup help needed

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I have an '05 CRF450 and have a few suspension questions. At this point I only know enough to be dangerous. I weigh 155 and ride mostly mx at the expert level. I changed springs to 5.2 in the rear with 95 mm sag and .44 in the front with 395 cc of oil (I started with 385 but was bottoming too much). These are the recommended springs for my weight. The valving is stock.

Overall it works ok, but the front seems to chatter over small breaking bumps and the rear seems to kick on rebound. Fussing with the clickers hasn't helped much. I'm not really sure which way to go. Any of you suspension guys have any suggestions as to what direction to go? I think I need to revalve, but don't want to if I can fix it with clicker adjustment.

Any help is appreciated.

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Personally, I think you would be better off with the stock springs.

The rear is probably over sprung by the time you get the sag set using the softer spring. (The softer spring requires more preload to get the correct sag number so it starts out too stiff, kind crazy, but a stiffer rear spring would be softer :)

Same for the fronts...Its dropping into the stroke and becoming harsh...

Id have you go back to the stock springs, set the sag at 103 and run the outer chamber fork oil at 385 again.

Its kind of a lot of work, but its only about two hours if your pretty good.

Id start the clickers for you @:

fork Compression 8

fork rebound 10

Low speed at 8

High at 1.75

Rebound at 10, if it chatters in the braking bumps going in, 9 should clear it up.

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