Anyone here from arizona?

Was looking at possibly Yuma. Close to Cali. border. 170 miles from San Diego. I would like to be closer to Baja to run desert races and ride year round. Hot though :)

Yikes!! Yuma's awful hot in the summer. :) All the areas along the river are great in the winter. :)

I have lived in the Phoenix area for 20+ years. Great dunes in Glamis not far from Yuma. A lot of good riding in AZ. North, South, and Central AZ have great single track. It is not too bad of a drive to the baja. Summer+Yuma=HOT!

We move up to the 7k elevation in the summer time to ride. High 70's in the summer in Flagstaff 2 hours from Phoenix. :):)

That's cool. Not as hot in Flagstuff huh. Are the laws out there reasonable. Like an xr being plated etc..?

Is there a lot of riding in Az around Flagstaff? Can you ride clear into Nevada with much trouble. I like long distance runs. :)

It's easy to plate a bike in AZ. Summer highs in Flagstaff are usually in the upper 70's to lower 80's with afternoon shower common in July-September. Prescott probably has more riding opportunities and is about 8-10F warmer in the summer (Flagstaff has quite a few places to ride though, I live there). Riding to Nevada (especially Laughlin) wouldn't be too much of a problem on street legal bike with a big tank. I think Seligman to Kingman would be the longest stretch with no fuel (there may fuel in between there somewhere). I'd do it in May or Oct so you don't fry when you drop down into the dez outside of Kingman.

Arizona is an easy place to plate a bike. Nothing better than rain in Flag when it is 110+ in the valley. :)AzMtnThumper - Where in Prescott do you like to ride? I have done a lot in the Mormon Lake/Munds Park area. I have a buddy with a cabin near Potato Patch area. Any suggestions?

SSJones: The times I have been to the Prescott area to ride I have taken my kids to Alto Pit which has some good family riding. Other areas I want to check out are the Wolf Creek area, Senator Highway and Camp Wood.

The Munds Park/Mormon Lake area you mentioned also has some good family riding. For the big boy days I have a pretty good dual sport loop surrounding town and the Peaks with a pretty good mix of riding; let me know if you're interested in checking it out.

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