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525 MXC for MX mostly... is it built for this?

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hey guys.

i was wondering if anyone could help me with this decision. im thinking about a new bike. i have been riding a YZ426, mostly for motocross, and my main gripes with this bike are;

1)its heavy.

2)the suspension is too soft.

3)the gearbox is too narrow

4)the engine doesnt have enough torque.

but, the YZ handles superbly on an MX track and i feel like a KTM may not allow me to lay it over in berms like the YZ does.

i could get a 525 MXC and stiffen the suspension and figure out the handling/ triple clamp setup. or i could get a YZ450 and bore and stroke the engine, add a heavy flywheel, lighting stator, 5-speed WR gearbox and bigger tank.

the only difference i can see would be in MX handling and durability. and the YZ would be much more expensive in the long run. but the KTM wont handle like a YZ. :)

can someone give me some details on this 525MXC? would a KTM work for me?

thanks guys

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I had a '02 426,and now have a '05 MXC (525).For moto i would lean towards a SX.The MXC probably weights a few pounds more than your YZF,but it does have e-start,kickstand and a six speed.I would say power is comparable,maybe the MXC has a little more.You can add two gears to the SX for about $500 + labor. :)

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