Rekluse auto clutch questions.

Just adjusted the install gap on an '01 426 back towards the tighter side of the tolerance. My paperwork says the tolerance is from 0.030" to 0.037" and I have it set at 0.032. Now with that said. It doesn't slip into neutral very easy unless you kill the engine. I'm thinking my rpm's maybe a little high or because its tighter maybe some adjusting with the spring tension. Anyways I thought I'd get some opinions on where to start before I go fiddling with it. Any help would be appreciated and you guys out there have helped me out so much in the past. Cheers. :)


grand junction, co

I helped BigDavey put one on his wr450, we set the gap right in the middle, it is hard to hit neutral as well. It did get better with the perch adjuster, but it is still tough. Good luck, let me know if you find a solution.

If it were not for my perch adjuster I would never find neutral either. It's just one of those things.

I never had the perch adjuster and mine worked fine :) When my idle was to high it would do what you said then it was just a turn on the screw to help it out. Roost on!

Thanks for your help guys. I turned down the idle and put on the lighter spring for now, it still is tough to get in neutral. I did order the perch adjuster so I hope that helps. Sorry about the delay, but I've been out roosting up Utah near Moab. Sand is so awesome when its wet. Thanks again for your help.


The only thing I can find on riding in Moab Utah are sites refering to having a guide with you and there bikes? I am in Idaho and always load up the truck and go for the roadtrips to ride locations with local riders Moab is not far from Boise and I have heard great things about the riding there is there a place that is public open land like in Idaho? :)

I think the only sure way to cure the problem is with the lever kit. I have tried several settings and like you have some clutch drag. Right now to find neutral I push the clutch arm in with my finger and bingo! neutral. So a lever to hold the the clutch out is another $100.00 if needed.

I have the perch adj and nuetral can still be a challenge but keeping my bike upright can be a challenge for me :) Black_n_blue and I put new bars on my bike after my last ride and didn't think about the placement of the perch adj, thought it was close, and on my next ride my clutch was slipping something terrible. So just a warning, close dosen't always work, follow the instructions if you decide to go with the perch adjuster.

NCmountainman has been using a rekluse for some while. He seems to be picky and has it working very well.

I have the perch adjuster and I can find neutral easily without using the lever. :) The gap can be a bit tricky to set. I checked mine twice each time after riding the bike for a few kms. If the gap is correct then look for warped plates which will contribute to drag. Also the grade of oil can affect the clutch.

The perch adjuster is a definite help. I couldn't find neutral with the bike running prior to installing the adjuster, and now with it installed, no problem.

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