WR trans in a YZ

I have heard a WR trans will work in a YZ.I need to hear from someone who has done this.Need to know what exactly is needed to do this mod.I have a '05 YZ 450. :)

You need ALL the gears the two shafts shift forks 3 of them shift drum all the gaskets your bike is new the seals should still be good :) about $800.00 give or take and your yz manual is worthless you will need a wr shop manual I looked at the microfinch for were the gears go :)

Yeah youc an do it, but it will cost you ALOT of money, more than $1,000 thats for sure.


No more than $800.00 if you do it your self :)

No more than $800.00 if you do it your self :)

Yeah, but why would you want do do it anyway? If you are having gearing problems just do some experimenting with different sprocket sizes.


Tryed gearing it i just screwed up the shift splits 4 speed is no good for trail riding

I was thinking about doing the same mod. I just purchased a one tooth smaller counter shaft sprocket to see if that will work for a little wile. I also do trail riding\hill climbing\open desert,so I'm not thrilled about loseing top end speed.

Sprockets can only do so much. I have an 01 426yz that I dual sported and 1st gear is way too high on rough stuff or change sprockets and no top end. I am thinking recluse. :)

Thanks for all the input,I think it will be a worth while mod.Guess I better start saving some money. :)

well it added up to 750 dllrs on my bike ...everything new, installed !!!!

but it maybe that it was soo lil money because i live in mexico and my mechanic is a real good friend of mine and well also labor is way cheaper and i dont care if anybody says something bad like oooooh my god you had it done in mexico ! these guys work hard and dont screw around... but they will go for joyrides around the neighborhood but soo what.. believe the y call it test riding but wheelies i dont think apply to testing but soo what ! thats what the frikin bikes are made for ! :)

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