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Cheap exhaust & HP solution. Happy!!!

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I just received Engine Only's (XR100.com) Supertrapp power ring add on. I am very happy! This is a cheaper and very effective means of getting a new exhaust than getting a whole system. Most of the HP hype from exhaust companies are pure crap anyway. The dyno on this mod is probably nearly the same as an entirely new pipe/ehaust.

I did all the mods everyone talks about. It took no time at all and I have all the patience of an enraged Hill Billy. Believe me.

I took out the baffles and spark arrestor and then put on EO’s exhaust tip (12 Supertrapp plate and tip system & the Power Ring kit) in less than 4 minutes. I then took out the air box “back fire” screen and the snorkel in another 10 minutes. This alone without rejetting was really nice. The bike sounds really good without being obnoxious. It sounds like a good beefy CRF250X. It’s loud but won’t get anyone in trouble. If you like really loud & mean, this may not be the ticket for you. It's my wife’s bike so I didn't want too get silly.

Look. This is a low-tech trail bike XR masquerading as a CRF. Don't fool yourself. Spending $300-$800 bucks on an entire exhaust system unless you have $$ to burn, is silly. For the $$ you'll spend, you may as well have bought the CRF250X. That's just my opinion.

For $79 I got what amounts to a Supertrapp pipe. At this point I had not yet jetted or did the sprocket. It rode very nice and didn’t foul the plugs. However here in SoCal, it ran out of top end fast without new jets. It’s breathing but not getting enough fuel. It did run and it rode fine at lower speeds for the 1/2 hour I tried it out.

I then put on a "JT" (brand) 12-tooth front sprocket (far cheaper and easier than getting a rear and removing 2 teeth) for another $20. The power up kit and Uni filter were another $70.

Well, today I finished the jetting and main. UNREAL!! This bike hauls ASS! It feels 3 times faster than stock. It's a whole nother' bike! I pulled 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies and the entire powerband is enormously different. I seriously did not believe the bike was capable without a bore kit and serious work.

Anyway I got the Power Ring (that's Engine Only's name for their adapter) in just 2 days after ordering. Not very good phone connectivity as far as getting a hold of them, but they are a great shop and they have great products. They were very helpful and down to earth. They know their sh*t! The entire uncorking and CRF230F mods cost me under $200 and gave us a new bike!

I really don’t think the 230 is worth blowing more than that on. When you add up the bikes out-the-door price, then the expense of serious mods, you’ll have spent far more than a CRF250X. I see some people spending a lot of money on the 230. It doesn't make any sense. With what I did this thing is a very (over stock trim) quick bike and should satisfy anyone who bought the stock bike.

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