YZ-F programmable fuel injection

And MSD units are reasonably sophisticated ECU's. We're so used to the stuff these days that we frequently don't realize how incredible it even is. The electronics on modern cars, trucks, and motorcycles is significantly more advanced than the stuff that controlled spacecraft 25 years ago.

But you and I got set off here by more or less the same thing. Wild tales being offered in support of a financially ridiculous concept, and blowing a gasket when he didn't get his ego stroked.

A lot of people fail to realize that respect is something that no one will give you if you don't already have some.

Now we are back to that again? What is going on? I thought all of this was gone and we have moved on....

How did this happen. Come on satch, you went after me in that post in a not nice way. When you get some back you guys are mad at me? How does that work? Take some resonsibility. I am here talking about EFI and you come along and basically call me an idiot for my choices of bike and expenses. I can't believe you guys. If anything you should have come down on satch in the first place. You say not to get personal and that's exactly what he did. If you go up to some guy in a bar and hit him in the face you get one back. And this post started going great again. Why the re-hash? Take down that post and I will delete that one from me. Lets move on here. It started great again and now this. AGAIN.

Grow up, it is a damn motorcycle forum. Who cares what somebody said about you.

copy that :) back to the subject, i really don't know that much about the cannondales or the gas gas. are thier setups that far ahead or are they failing also. i don't really hear that much about them? you'd think if the EFI was that great you would hear more about it. :)

There are a couple of problems to overcome, particularly on a dirt bike. For one thing, you need a fuel pump, and a good one. I'd bet that's what's holding the show up. U.S. car makers learned the hard way that EFI can't be halfassed, and things like throttle body injection don't cut it. The fuel pump required for good port injected EFI has to have a power source, either mechanical or electric. Mechanical would be hard to accomplish without making the bike hard to kick start. Electrical would seem to need a battery, although there's at least one snowmoblie engine that uses a capacitor instead. The first pull or two charges the capacitor, and the next one starts.

EFI has been used very successfully on several road and sport bikes. I think it's just a matter of time until it works its way down to dirt bikes, at least the high performance models.

Compare for a second, a 1968 Z/28 to an '02. The '68 would run 13 flat at the drags, and topped out at about 130. It was a foul tempered, rough idling, spark plug muncher that got poor gas mileage and needed constant attention, besides smelling worse than a city bus while they were running. The '02 will run about 13 flat in a 1/4 mile too, but it tops at just over 150. The engine idles like a sewing machine, are smooth as glass (they used to put them in rear wheel drive Cadillacs in the late '90s and no one was the wiser), get as high as 22-23 mpg on the highway with good driver behavior, are almost maintenance free other than oil and filters, and the air coming out the tail pipe is nearly breathable. A lot went into that accomplishment, but the big thing was EFI.

My objection to the system in question here is that it's cost/benefit is way out of perspective, even if it's "all that".

I removed my previous post however it did not contain any personal attacks.

Back to the subject. EFI is far superior. We all know that. We all understand that. I would be very curious to see what type of machine you could make if you took an 05 YZ450F or CRF450 and installed EFI. That would be the ultimate at this point in terms of technology.

I'm still trying to figure out why dirt riders have such a strong resistance to EFI. Sportbikes all made the change a few years back and are producing more power. Not to mention, cleaner emissions, better fuel economy, better throttle response(no bogs), not to mention prolonged engine life due to always have a proper air/fuel ratio.

I've been waiting for a big bike maker to switch to EFI on the dirt, I'd love it if I didn't have to rejet for altitude or weather. But the manufacturers won't do it because consumers are so afraid.

I would buy the EFI if it only cost $1K.

First EFI then electric bikes etc. The day dirtbikes are electric is the last day I ride. :) I dont care how clean they are. Just imagine how gay they will sound buzzing like a bEE :p around a track. Soon nobody will be able to work on their own bikes w/ out a 4yr degree in electronics. And wasting money on hard drives, memory, processors for your bike. :)

I too have removed most, if not all of my crap. I deleted entire posts. I don't know what figures were inacurate. I hope the information posted will help someone out. It's the type of info I jump on, if it pertains to and interests me.

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