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Garmin 76CS Track question?????

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Is anyone out there familiar enough with the 76CS to maybe help??

What I'm doing is creating a Track on the computer with Terrain Navigator. My idead behind creating a Track and not a Route is so when I download the Track into the GPS it will highlight right along the road, where a route would be straight line waypoint to waypoint. This way with the unit mounted I'm almost using it like a Tracback method. My problem is when I go to uploading the Track into the GPS it gives me an error message that the Track has been Truncated. The question is, does the GPS only hold 500 Track points, when at the map setup page at Tracks you can adjust up to but not exceed 10000 points. I must be missing something.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Track Truncated means a named track was uploaded that exceeded the number of points for a saved (or named) track. A 76CS should be 450 points per track if it's like my 60C.

If you have a track that is more than that number of points the only way to load it directly is to name the track "Active Log" or "Active Log 001" (you can add 002, 003 and so on).

So.. If you have a track named "cool ride" that has 400 points, it will load to the GPS. If same thing has 550 points, than the last 100 points will be dropped. To get that 550 point track into the GPS you will need to name it as above. Note, however, that when you load it into the Active Log, it's in the main track memory. You can then save within the GPS itself and give a track name. The better method is to pop the track into MapSource and have it filter the track down to 450 points.

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Jeramy,Good info.

Question though. When naming the Track, "active log", is that in Terrain Navigator or do I make a space for it in the unit and load it into that space?

I haven't fed the track into mapsource because Terrain Navigator saves the track file in a different format than Mapsource reads. Therefore, I have to build my detailed track in Terrain Navigator, Then feed it to the GPS then Upload it into Mapsource To verify all roads and trails are being represented within the software of the GPS.

I know I'm using redundant software here but I like to make tracks and routes for that matter with topographic maps. These maps obviously have a lot more detail than the basically blank map that Mapsource offers.

Again thanks ahead of time for any input


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Little trial and error and I figured it out.

Thanks again. Kudos to all on this site for information and entertainment :):):p:D

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