How hard is it to kick start a WR400?

Not sure about Cali, but $3600 seems pretty steep for a 99 WR400. Low NADA is $1800ish here in the southeast, high is $2400. Can prices be that much different? :):p

Regarding the starting.....What everyone above said. as long as it's tuned properly, its a piece of cake.


thats all fine fellow blue riders, but could I be told of procedure if for some reason your decomp cable snapped?

Bump start it in 2nd gear, or pull the decomp cable with your teeth.

have u tried to bump start it, mine wont even if in 5th gear not using the decomp, maybe teeth yea

Well, kind of. I've stalled it once or twice, or maybe I just almost stalled it, and the engine fired up again when I let the clutch out.

I never thought about trying to start it without the decomp, but I would think it would be nearly impossible, even bump starting would be very tough.

actually you can start it without the decomp

you just need to get it tdc

then use some strength and push on kicker to it goes one more little bit

then let it pop back up

then give her the kick like you normaly do

it works once you get it past the spot where the main valves pop open again you have released the compression hehe

No problem! I just bought a used 99 WR400 as well. Been riding an E :) Start 04 WR250 so I had little experience with kick starts. The bike I bought had not been started in 6 months. I drained the carb, followed the starting proceduce on and it started up after about 15 tries. Now that it's been run every couple of weeks or so it starts right up every time.


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