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Anza Borrego night ride, GPS tracks on aerial photos

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The images bellow are from a night ride I rode a couple of weeks ago. The ride started from the S-2 around the Carrizo Badlands area, it went through Split Mountain then over to Borrego Springs. It was a two-part ride. A day ride in 4WD trucks and a night ride on the bike. The first part was a group ride in trucks with a group from work around the Carrizo area. At about 5:30 we were on del Diablo wash at the turn to the drop off. I unloaded the bike from the truck & took off toward the drop-off, my wife drove the truck back out with the rest of the group towards S-2 then drove to Borrego Springs to meet me. I went over the drop-off then through Split Mountain, across the 78 into the OHV Park, back around Blow-sand hill onto the San Felipe wash, which took me over to Borrego Springs.

The ride was great, there was very little moon so the stars were bright, and doing this ride at night adds a twist.

The GPS tracks from the ride are shown on the images bellow on both the topo map and imposed onto the aerial photos. I got the link to the aerial photo utility from a recent post on this board, thanks Bubbagums. The images can be useful to look at when creating your route prior to the ride then down loading the tracks onto them post ride.


The image above is the same area as the map bellow in close to the same scale. The same features of the land can be seen in both. I’m just coming out of Split Mountain at the top of these two images.


I had the GPS connected to external power, when the car or bike was shut off the GPS would automatically shut down, that’s why the tracks shown are incomplete. (I did not turn it on again until I looked at it).

The next two images bellow show the entire ride. (map& image are low resolution)



The Salton Sea can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the image above. Hwy 78 & Hwy 86 can be seen as faint lines.

Bellow are some images at the highest resolution I could get:


I pulled into the Blue rose on the 78 above, the airport can be seen across the street.


Somewhere on the trail.


Going around the back of Blow Sand hill.


The track above shows a bit of indecision at the turn, it was dark out.


I arrived at the Borrego Springs Resort at 8:45 looking for the wife & truck, you can see the tracks circle the hotel, no truck, no wife. Where is she? She should have been there by 6:30 or 7 at the latest.

The group of trucks had gotten lost in the desert on their way out to the S-2 from where we split up, which is another long story. The moral of that story is always bring along enough gear to spend the night comfortably in the desert even if it is not the plan.


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Thanks for the response.

I used the stock headlight on the DRZ it was adequate. But on a dark night you can only see directly in front of the bike (where the headlight is pointed). If you glance to either side your looking into the abyss. I have two nightrider lights, each has a 10 or 15 watt focused beam that would be nice to have mounted on the helmet. They are 6V lights & the ni-cad batteries shaped like water bottles & are too heavy to carry comfortably. On a ride like this I’m already loaded down with enough gear to spend the night so I want to wire these lamps to the bike. It would be nice to see off to the sides when you turn your head.

I got the link to the USAphoto Maps application from the following post:


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I've got the USAPhotomap software, but can't figure out how to display a track I've created on the GPS. How can you do this? I've read and tried everything, and no luck.

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When you have a topo map or photo open, click on the GPS tab. Then on the drop down menu click on tracks. Then click on receive. Remember you have to have your gps on and connected to your puter. It usually takes a couple of minutes to download stuff and should show the progress in the middle of the screen. You can then save your tracks onthe puter and pull them up by name. If you wanna see them on the overlay hit display tracks.

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Thanks for the tips. I didn't have the GPS connected and was trying to import the tracks from Mapsource. After a lot of guesswork, I figured it out. Have to convert the track files into another format and then they can be imported. Very cool software.


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Looks great!Is the route you took pinyon mtn. road to the squeeze?

No, this is the next drop off to the south “del Diablo” drop off. I’ve always called it the split mountain drop off. I’ve rode this same route going over the pinyon mountain drop off on xmass eve two years ago. When I say went over I mean I went over the bars in the middle of the drop off, hit the ground on my back looking at the bike coming down on top of me. I stuck my legs arms up to hold the bike off as it cart wheeled over me on its way to the bottom. Only damage was the headlight plastic (70$), really amazing considering how rocky that decent is. The headlight mount was bent but the light itself was OK, this was good because this was also a night ride. The root cause was that I was grabbing too much front brake on the decomposing granite & when I transitioned to the sheer granite face the front gripped, fear inhibited my muscle control and over I went.

I like those point-to-point adventure rides.

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here is one i made of the corral canyon loop, starts at pine valley/bear valley rd to corral canyon and back, about a 50+ mile loop. it has alittle of every thing, single track, fire roads, rocks,ruts and right now streams :)corralcanyonloop.jpg

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