Michelin M-12 REAR Tire/ Ever actually use one?

I'm not trying to start another useless tire thread. :) But I want to hear feedback from anyone who has ACTUALLY USED the REAR Michelin M-12 Intermediate tire. :)

I normally use S-12's in the rear/ M-12 front but have been destroying rear tire on loose rocky terrain prematurely. I've used Intermediates that held up well but the tread depth is normally shorter or shallow on intermediates compared to the S-12 and the M-12 rear looks good in photos but for some reason it seems to get bad feedback. I can't imagine Michelin making a bad tire in a market they should be leading in.

Hey Doubledee

I have run the M12 rear, usually in Summer. I don't know what the deal is with the reviews on this tire. I have come to like the tire. It handles most of the NCal summer terrain very well. I really have nothing bad to say about it :)

This past summer I was talked into trying the IRC VE33 rear. This tire held up great on pavement and the summer dirt. I did 2 dual sport rides and atleast another 500 miles on the dirt. It held up great !! I will probably run it again this year unless I try the Maxxis IT.


Thanks for the info.


Sylvain just bought his second M12 rear. He loved the first one on his 426.

He'll probably reply to this thread... :)

I ran a M 12 on my yz last year with good results.

I replaced the stock tire with a m12 on my wr the first time . They wear out better than the s12 wich I used as well. On hard pack the s12 will chunk but the m12 hold up ok. I like the paddle alignement of the knobs. It clears up well in muddy condition. As a matter of fact I got another m12 for the start of the season this year. So m12 for the rear and s12 for the front .


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