Do I change the Pulse generator xr600r

What are symptons when pulse generator start failing ? How many of you guy had to change ? Is it a matter of time ? :)


you talking about your stator there or the little p/u on the right side of the motor

Yes the p/u in the right side .

what seems to be your symptoms i wouldnt think one would just start going away :)

At idle only , Wil run about15-30 seconds then sneeze/hickup and stall. Hard to restart sometimes. Just had 660 kit and hot cam put in.

whats the plug look like sounds lean if is coming back threw carb will it run past idle or just cut out every 15-30 seconds

Runs fine past idle.

plug color?

Dark like slightly wet.

sound like your needle and seat are wore out in your carb sucking gas threw the main

killing it on the bottom end one way to check is to lower your needle all the way down and see if that doesnt improve it somewhat

1st screw your mixture screw all the way in and see if it will still idle if it does i would say it was wore for sure your needle and seat that is

so what is the verdict :)

mixure needle or needle with clip in center of carb.?

Check the spark when the bike stalls, if it looks weak compared to when the bike is stone cold you could have yourself an intermittent stator problem. Pulse generators dont often fail on XR's. Failing that give the airfilter/carb a good cleanout and try again!

mixture needle first screw it in all the way see if it idles its the little screw on the bottom in front of the bowl

if it idles with it in i would say buy a new needle and seat thats the one with the clip in the center

this is how i trouble shot mine there are no specs for the needle and seat that i could find

this is saying that the bike will run fine above the transfer from the low speed side to the main side if you know what i mean

if the bike wont idle with the mixture screw in then lower the needle by raising the clip on the needle

hope this is helping you a little carb gave me a little trouble and i had to figure this out myself lots of time spent in the carb department and its a pain in the butt to get on and off to do this

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