New member and bike

Hi guys

I'm a new member (been browsing the boards for a while) and I've just picked up my 2002 426 today.

First impressions are very good, much more powerfull than my XR400 and I'm sure it will also make a great supermoto. Here is a link to some pictures of it.

I couldn't resist loosely bolting up the supermoto wheels I've got lined up for it. I'm sure you'll agree you need to go a long way to find a better looking dirt bike than the WR.



Welcome aboard Andy! :) Use the powerful search engine on this forum and you will find a great deal about your new Stead! :) Looks like a fun ride! :p

Looks great andy, I just recently bought an 01 wr426 that was already set up for supermoto. Just a quick tip for you, when I got the bike it had a 14tooth front sprocket and a 46 tooth rear, I found this to be way too slow on the motorway, so i installed a 16 tooth front sproket, now I can cruise at 60 - 70 mph without having to rev the hell out of er.

wow, thats a big jump, does it effect ur low end, then again you dont need much low end in supermoto do you?

Nice looking bike. Love those rims. :) Welcome to the site.

Welcome Andy :) Nice looking bike you've got there, but I guess i'm a bit biased, I have an '02 426 too..... :) What are the wheels originally from? Cheers, Chris.

Thanks for all the welcomes guys

Looks like the work starts already! my head bearings are notchy so they will need some attention and I seem to have the old constant throttle misfire. I'm going to have a play around with the TPS and see if unplugging it fixes the problem. If it does I'm thinking of fitting a switch to the handlebars to enable/disable it whilst on the move.

Does anyone know if I am ok going to my local bearing supplier rather than the dealer for head bearings? I know Honda did some extra machining on some headbearings which made the numbers printed on them completely irrelevant.

Chris, the idea for these wheels came from (shameless ripoff). I wasn't able to get hold of any CBR250RR wheels because this bike was never officially imported into the UK (It was into Oz I believe) and it wasn't very popular as a grey import. The ones I have are from an NSR250R and I'm hoping they are the same. The other parts that he lists I have been able to get hold of no problem. I'll take loads of pictures during the conversion, write a webpage and post a link.

Any other Qs just give us a shout

Thanks for the link Andy! I was gonna buy some RGV250 wheels for my bike, i've seen them on a few WR's, but I might look into the CBR250 wheels now. Cheers, Chris. :)

It did effect the low end a little, I can still pull 3rd gear wheelies no problem. my main commute to work is 25miles down the motorway so I had to get a decent cruising speed without the high revs, for around town I'd suggest a 15tooth front, the 14 was just too slow, and difficult to keep the front tire down (gotta love it though)

Nice bike and wlecome.

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