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How much do trials bikes go for?

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I'd like to get a trials bike to learn technical riding and to have another bike to play around with. How much would a cheap one cost I haven't seen any in my local classifieds?

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Trials Bikes in good condition hold their value well after the initial depreciation drop. A good condition bike from about 1996 on up can go for about $1,800 on up. Under normal Trials Riding, the bikes last a very long time... Many years if not forever before you need to think about new rings.

The Gas Gas USA web site has a used bike for sale section:

GG Used bikes

The Trials Exchange web site seems to have a good selection of all brands:

Trials Exchange

Trials Competition News has a forum for people to advertize:

Trials Comp

There are some dealers listed in PA, but I don't know what part you are in, so here's one at Ulster:


There is a Dealer in North East:

North East

The New England Trials Association could be a good place to check out and if you are able to contact anyone from there, they should be able to direct you to any PA clubs.


Motosoup.com shows a list of USA clubs but I don't see a PA club there... Doesn't mean one does not exist because I remember watching a World Round event in PA.. I think it was about 87 or 88.. But take a look at their list. Many Clubs should know where to get used and new bikes.

Moto Soup List

Just found some contacts listed in PA from the Montesa USA web page.. Scroll down to PA and maybe email some of the names listed for more info. There is one club web page in there too called the Durty Dabbers:

Montesa Club List

Hope this gets you started.. :)

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I have a KDX 220 for 2700 but you could brobably find an older (1997-1999) KDX 200 for 1800.If you pefer a different bike try CycleTrader.com

ps: don't put to low of a price or they will give you choices of small bikes. Keep your price around 1800-2000. :naughty:

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