My rear shock is leaking. Help

Hi, my rear shock has leaked out and now I have it apart. XR650R

Here is a picture. What seal do I need to change? There is a large o-ring and a black rubber seal under the rod guide. The exploded views don't show the seal under the rod guide.



Hi, my rear shock has leaked out...

Mine too, I planned on taking it apart after the weekend. Please let me know your progress. :)

I planned on replacing the seals and using Maxima 5wt. :)

:p has tutorials on how to rebuild both KYB and Showa shocks (I cant remember which the BRP has, probably Showa). It will take you through it step by step.

I'd replace all O-rings, the piston band, seal head (of course), bladder if it popped when the seal head went, and the bottoming bumper if it has started to degrade at all.

Take extra care to bleed it well after you get it back together. Some shocks can be drilled and tapped to add a bleed screw. One of the suspension gurus (shockdoc, John Curea, etc) can give you more info on that though..

The "seal under the rod guide" is the dust wiper. The seal that holds the oil in the shock is above the wiper (or inside the seal pack). I don't think anyone sells the seal separately. I think RaceTech sells the complete seal pack.

Tips: 1. Drill a tiny hole in the side of the seal pack to bleed out all of the air that is "cupped by the seal pack". This has to be done at the proper hight. Fill and assemble the reservoir first. Then fill the shock body. Be sure to pump the shaft down fast until the compression ports bleed past the compression valve stack. Then top off the body with oil and your seal pack will self bleed before the o-ring seals in the body.

2. Pull the shock after muddy rides and clean out the area around the seal pack so dirt doesn't end up getting pounded in there and make the seal leak again.

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