Valve Adjustment Problem


I was doing a valve adjustment today. Installed new shims and valve clearances are within spec tolerances. Torqued everything down and rotated the crank two times and then realized I had forgot to install the chain tensioner. :)

I don't think it jumped time on the camshafts. Camshafts lobes appear to be in correct position. How do I know I'm still at TDC? Can the piston be seen throught the spark plug housing within the head? Or am I just freaking out for no apparent reason. :p

Need advice please. I'm afraid to rotate engine or button it up because I'm unsure what I have done. :)

Remove the top plug in the ignition cover and see if you still have TDC and go from there , i doubt it jumped time but you certainly can double check it through the inspection window, Make certain you are at TDC and the marks on the cam sprockets line up and your good to go . Oh yea put the cam chain tensioner back in. HE HE , GO RIDE. :thumbsup:No mater what happens to the chain, it isnt going to change the relationship between the crank and piston. If the mark on the flywheel says your at TDC then that is where your at. :)

Thanks!! That's all I needed to know :)

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