Yet another BRP newbie with questions....

There seems to be about one person a day getting a BRP, and today was my day. :)

I've done some searching around here and have looked thru most of the other sites, but still have some questions.

I didn't get a great deal of information with my bike when I bought it. It's got an aftermarket tank, the HRC uncorking kit, and a big gun exhaust. That's all I know that has been changed from stock. Don't know what the jetting is on it. I do know it has pretty much sat unused for the last couple of years. When I went to pick it up, he said it had been sitting for a couple of weeks since he last started it, and it fired up for him after a few kicks. Since I brought it home, it will start up for me eventually(I'm sure I'll figure out which of the methods will work best in time) but I can't get it to idle. I can kick it, rev it and take off and ride, but it dies as soon as you get off the throttle. I don't even have a manual for it at this point, so I'm hoping I can just adjust the idle. I saw someone mention setting it at 1K rpm, but without a tach, how do you know? :)

Anything in particular I should re-lube or check out knowing that it has been unused for most of it's life?

Kinda sounds like your pilot jet could be plugged. While you have it out be sure it's a 68s (see what your main is too). Clean it out with some brake cleaner and a piece of small diameter wire. I would reccommend lubing the link and swingarm. Check on the right footpeg bolt. Check out the

Pig Pen for more reading and maintenance tips.

All those things, as stated above, but also go ahead and buy a Honda Shop Manual for your bike! Best money you can spend for your bike.

Then, check the jetting, check the valve clearances, change the oil, check and clean the air filter.

A big gun exhaust system (headers and silencer, race series), destroys the low end torque and actually smoothes out the power. If you want more torque, put the stock pipes back on it, drill the airbox, jet rich on the main, and you will gain a huge amount of torque.

Download the workshop manual free from the Pig Pen......

Ok. Morning update. I've figured out what it likes, and have no problem getting it to fire up within three kicks when cold. I'm pretty sure it just needs the idle turned up some. I can keep the throttle cracked just a bit and it idles fine, but it still dies when I take it off choke and no throttle input. I'll pick up a manual for it this week, and do a bit of tinkering around. I'm not too worried about getting it running perfectly right now, since I'm sure I'll be swapping carbs on it anyways. :)

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