Bike chain is binding

My bike chain is binding. The links are bunching up, how do I fix it and what do I use to keep it loose? I bought the bike used and am still try'n to work out alll the bugs. :)

Try cleaning it with kerosene, Soaking it if possible and lube it well after it's clean........

oil it well, then ride it for a short distance, then remove it and soak it again. If it still binds, then it is time for a new chain; always replace the sprockets when you replace your chain

Everytime I had one do that it was toast. You can try soaking it, but you are most likely looking at buying a new one.

It will start eating sprocket teeth shortly if it hasn't already. Look closely for broken teeth.

Oil the chain, what's the best stuff to use? No broken teeth yet, and no wear showing, yet.

Take it off and throw it away,go buy a good NON O RING chain,keep it oiled and it wont bined.Dirt gets in between the o rings and causes binding,usually its irreversable.

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