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carburation! on a 2 stoke?

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well this is actually about an 03 yz 250 carburator. we jetted my buddys bike for the winter, -5 - -20 degrees celcius. so far everything is stock. except the main jet and needle setting. went from a 175 main to a 180, still lean. went to a 185, still lean. went to a 190 and raised the needle one clip, still lean. went to a 195, still lean. now after every hard ride ive checked the plug. and the porcelin part is white, new plug every time. from what i was told, to jet a bike for the winter you should only need to change the main 1 or 2 sizes, so from a 175 to a 178 or 180, and maybe raise the needle one notch. now ive changed the main 13 sizes and raised the needle one clip and the plug is still white. does this mean there could possibily be an air leak on the intake side. im pretty stumped on what to do next. we were gonna try messen with the air screw. out for more air(lean), in for less(rich), does that make sence? he did the crash the bike pretty hard last time he rode it, summer about 3 or 4 months ago.

thanks for any help


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