Sog BLock off Kit HELP!!!!

I am installing the IMS Smog Block Off kit tonight and need some quick help.

1) I could not for the life of me get that fat rubber plug into the hole from the top of the airbox port. And yes I did take out the little hose connector. So I took a little Honda motor oil and rubbed it around the rubber stopper and she slid right in. Is that OK to do? Will having a little oil in there hurt anything?

2) The instructions say to remove all of the vacuum hoses from the carb and plug them up with the little caps. How many are there? There are about 4 or 5 ports it looks like. Which ones are vacuum and which are fuel overflow? Will there be any difference if I just leave them and just cap the "T" connector from which the hose went from the carb to the smog system? The reason I ask is that I was looking at the pictured procedures from someone on and that was the only thing that he had capped. How many ports do you ultimately end up capping in the non-California bike?

Upon further review, it looks like there is a nipple on the right side of the carb with a vacuum hose running into a "T" connector which went to the smog assembly and to a nipple on the left side of the carb. Removing the smog assembly leaves me with one of the "T" connector nipples to cap or to just remove both of the remaing hoses (left side nipple connected to the right side nipple) an cap the two nipples on the card (left side and right side). So the real question is, does there need to be air flow between the left carb nipple and the right side carb nipple????

When I did mine I was going to block each one off at the carb but I droped one of my nipple caps under my porch so I just caped it at the T. It seems to run ok like that.

I capped my 03xrl at the T and had a problem getting that small cap over one of the unused nipples on the carb, so had to use a small pice of the scrapped air line and block it that way.

I have run about 100mi since removing all the Ca crap. Its running much better and seems to have a little more kick in the 60-85mph range.

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