Cam chain Tensioner

Ok Ok we all do something stupid. This is mine. I check my valves and they were a c hair out on 2. I check the # on the shims. I put everything back and screwed the tensioner back on ( here's the stupid part) without releasing the tensioner. I tried to start the bike put it was hard to kick over. Luckily it didn't start. It tried though. I was like somethings really wrong here. It's hard to kick over.

I checked things out and it was the tensioner I forgot to wind it in. I have ridden it a little bit since I fixed it. Do you guys think the chain now is ticking bomb because it was so tight, and when I say tight I mean tight. Or it should it be fine?

If you have a doubt about the cam chain, replace it, they only cost 20 something dollars.

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