IMS 4.6 Desert Tank?

Just FYI its probally a 4.0 gal tank. I dont think IMS makes a 4.6 for the 650R.

homologated tanks for the XR650R:

3.2 IMS

4.3 Clark

4.6 IMS

6.0 Acerbis

3.2 Acerbis

7.0 IMS

10.0 Aqualine

10.2 African Queens

theres also two Monnier tanks, but i cant remember their exact sizes (one big, one small) and i'm to lazy to look it up...

I have a 3.2 IMS dry break tank for sale--first $120 clams.

The IMS web site only lists a 3.2 now. There is another IMS tank on e-bay now that looks just like it and that person has it listed as a 4.6. Anyway, it's a good sized tank and I need to move it. It has XR-5 molded in it where the seat comes up on the tank if that helps.

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