YZ450F "auto decomp" camshaft for sale

Ok, have a YZ450F camshaft with the auto decompression system, (P/N 5TA-12180-00) still in the OE box, but it has slight miles (barely used) no wear, just enough for the chain to shine the gear finish. Anyway, after giving it lots of thought, I decided I was going to stick with the WR camshaft as I trail ride only. The YZ camshaft will give the WR real good hit and pull hard, but for trails, its just not for me. I suppose this should be in the "for sale" section, but didnt figure a moderator would mind as it is an exclusive Yamaha WR/YZ part. Anyway, PM me if your interested. Price is $80 and will include shipping to anywhere in the US, if your elsewhere, and the shipping isnt too steep, same price. :)

Thanks Indy! I posted a reply to his thread and a PM to him personally. :)

Thanks for looking. The camshaft has been sold to one of our neighbors to the north in Canada! Thanks to TT for this forum which made this possible too. :)

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