Jetting question

New '05 450. Did all the standard mods. Installed JD kit, blue needle (4th groove), 170 main. My elevation is around 800 ft. Changed to zip-ty screw, adjusted to 1 3/4 out.

Bike starts fine, but when the choke is disengaged the bike dies. I can pull the hot start and it fires back up fine with the choke still disengaged. Am I not letting it warm up enough?? I'm probably letting it run about 2-3 min (ambient temp is around 55) before taking it off choke.

Should I go to a 72 starter jet and 48 pilot? The bike starts and runs great so I don't want to do anything to screw it up. Maybe she's just going to be a little cold natured? :)


Leave the starter jet alone is she starts OK. Try and adjust your idle higher. You should be on a 48 pilot until summer and then go back to a 45 pilot when it is hot out. :) You may also try the red needle in clip 5 when it gets around 70 degrees.

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