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SERA Winners?

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Can anyone give me a List or a Link to a List of the winners for each SERA event(Race) in 1995? Spanks Alot...LOL

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    • By R1peacock
      I live in Maryland so for the most part I’m trailering 2-3 hours on average to ride.  MD is horrible if you ride anything motorized.  In the last 12 years nearly every area has been closed or governed so much its not worth to ride.  The state recently purchased and closed a 2000 acre private riding location in Garrett County.  The state will ruin that place in the end - after of course they do their 2-5 year study.  (sorry for the rant).....
      I took my kids to AOAA last week and that place kicked our butt - way too many rocks for a family ride.  FYI if you ever go to AOAA make sure you take a GPS or iPhone with a mapping application.  I thought their trail markings were horrible other than the “pink and black take me home” signs.  
      For our next ride I’m looking at Peters Mill and Taskers Gap.  Looking at the map and YouTube there seems to be a few decent trails that are rated “easy”.  I downloaded the brochure and map for the area.  Does anyone have any advice on what trail numbers we should ride (maybe a decent multi-mile loop) and what trails to avoid.  I have a YZ250FX, my son rides a KLX140L and my daughter rides a TRX250x.  We are not out to do anything technical - we just want to ride and not work too hard.  It took us all 3 days to recover from AOAA.....
      Any insight on other “family” riding areas in the VA/PA region is greatly appreciated.
    • By Repp
      I am sad to say my 2006 450 EXC was stolen from my Atlanta apartment complex  (Northside Drive) near Gatech. Thursday at 6:09 PM.  Any information that is beneficial to my Case investigation will be rewarded. 
      The silver 2015 Nissan Altima is an accomplice that initially brought him through the security gate and tried to give the thief a ski mask.
      Thank you 


    • By Orangecrush574
      Just curious what riders will be at Brown & what your trail plans are as I may need a partner/partners for technical ST riding.
      Orangecrush574 (Joe Dirt)
    • By Florida Gliderpilot
      Recently got into riding a dual sport.  Kinda fun being able to just hop on my KLX and explore for an hour or two but still have the option of running in a hare scramble or enduro just for self torture.
      Looking for other dual sport riders in the area to explore with.  I have a trailer so we could drag the bikes just outside of town, or just hit croom for a day now and then as well.
      I've run across a couple other dual sport guys in the area and none of them actually want to ride off road (??).  The other guys I've run into have bigger heavier bikes and are more into long highway rides and flat dirt roads .. that is not real fun on a 250.  A friend of mine mentioned somewhere south off 75 where people have been riding but I haven't been down there yet.
      I'm in St. Pete.
    • By Florida Gliderpilot
      Years ago 3 rail galvanized trailers were plentiful and I could easily find one when I needed one, but I'm having a hard time finding another used one this time.
      Anyone know where I might find a used 3 rail galvanized trailer for sale in the (west) central FL area?
      If so please PM me!