steering head bearing help?

Oh thumper gurus!

I have recently taken your advice and have begun a thorough suspension lube of my WR. The head bearings were getting pretty dry.(DUH!) Does anyone know the best way to remove the lower bearing off of the steer stem so that I can lube it well, or should I just pack it in place? I have heard mention of "marine"-type grease as the best bet... Any imput would be much appreciated. Thanks...


'99 WR

way too stock

Spot D:

I just did my 98, I just packed it in the bottom bearing and greased the race good. Just use a good name brand grease.. I use belray in the tub.... Good luck....


WR400 98

I just did my 99 steering head bearings this week. I use the Bel Ray waterproof marine grease just like MS said. I haven't touched them since January and I was kind of dreading how they would look. I've ridden through a lot of water and gotten caught in a lot of rain storms lately so I thought the grease might have been washed away. I was wrong. I guess that marine grease really works. They still had a decent amount of grease on them and the grease still looked clean. I packed the lower bearing in place, packed the top bearing and put it back together.

All went well, except that the bike almost fell off the stand while the forks were still off. There I was trying to keep it from falling while having no handlebars or any other good place to hold onto it. I got the strength to hold up the bike up by cussing. I wove a tapestry of obscenities that is probably still floating somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico. I'm sure it was quite a sight and I'm glad none of my neighbors walked by as that was all going on.

Thanks guys for the imput. I'll use belray and just pack the lower in-place. And Rich, yes, it's a proven fact that well placed expletives help... on the track and off!


'99 WR

way too stock

On my 99wr the steering got tight and gritty.I pulled the steering head apart and the upper bearing was rusted & the lower one had just started.I bought some new bearing sets and they had a seal on the inner race that sealed to the out side race on the upper bearing like the lower.I guess this must be a updated bearing that comes on the later models.The original lip seal is not enough. I hope this helps any of you.

The main reason the steering head bearings dry out is not because of water, but because the oil in the frame is leterally baking them. When you re-grease them, you want a water-resistant hi-temp grease. After years of searching, I have found the ultimate grease. It is called SIG-3000, and it's kinda hard to find. If you have connections with a bike shop that deals with Wurth (supplier of fastners, oils, greases and other shop supplies), they carry it. Another place that carries it is heavy equipment warehouses. Freightliner carries it, as this grease is almost "poundproof", where it won't squirt out from between two mating surfaces. A good indication for quality is price, and where regular grease costs about $2.50, the SIG is about $8 a tube.

Sorry to ramble...

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