just joined the yamaha ranks

I just bought a 99 yz400f for $2000 and took it out riding today to superstition in so cal. I'm coming from an '03 drz400 and I'm falling for this yamaha after only one ride. The only thing is that we rode in some hardcore mud and the fork seals on both sides are leaking.... oh well. And I don't know what everyone's problem is saying this thing is hard to start, I get it started and runing faster than my budies with their e-starts(two kicks with compression lever in, and one kick with it out, starts everytime) oh well, I guess I'll be lurking in this forum instead of the drz one now.

Welcome to the light! :D:):o:);):p:D:D

Congrats. Now do yourself a favor and buy the Summers seal savers after you fix your seals, otherwise you'll keep blowing them after a hard muddy/sandy ride. It's the best money you can spend for that bike.

I added the seal savers in December and have done quite a bit of mud riding and no problems. Try using a piece of 35 mm film and clean your seals. Welcome to blue.....

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