Do you like your FMF???

My qusetion is for those of you who run the fmf titanium system on your yz450, I have a friend that wants to sell me his fmf canister for a fair price and only used two hours.(I have checked it out, and it is perfectly new) :) but I was wondering if any of you who have it have any gripes. :D Or is it awesome? :p Whats the status on this exhaust? :)

mmmmmmm well i have a fmf power core on my 02 xr200r and i love it , looks great flows with the bike style and it has taking a beating sounds cool too !

Mine works great. Save some change and buy a Power Bomb header to go with it and it will wor even better. :)

:) I have the full Ti-4 system on my 02 426, difference between night and day, went from an slightly disgruntled torque to pissed off torque lowend that while flip the bike. Overall a sweet system! Love it!

i have got the ama legal 16'' slipon and i love it i have only ridden with it about 3 times but so far i love the power, it really pulls in the upper rpms which is where i like to ride most of the time so i have really been pleased. and it sounds awsome too. i think you will be happy with it.

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