what is the difference in the GYT-5TA22-01-RB (gyt-r part) and the standard factory installed rear fender...other than $10.. :)



I have seen the GYTR fenders at the dealer....i could not tell any noticable difference. May just be Marketing 101.

Wonder if they are just as thick...maybe a lighter plastic?

Even my local Yamaha shop couldnt give me a definate answer...


I dont know if the recipe for the plastic is the same, but you do get the GYTR stickers with the GYTR fenders.

Have the dealer check into the cost. I am sure they are close to the same dealer cost.

Just to let you all know I just purchased some plastic from Polisport. This stuff is better than all the plastic I have found from Yamaha, UFO, Acerbis...

Price is about the same and this syuff does not get as white as all the other crappy blue plastic. And the fenders are actually straight.... :)


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