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New WR450F

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I picked up a new Californiaized (AIS system) WR450F yesterday. I have an 03 WR250F that I had the shop uncork/grey wire/re-jet/etc. Pardon my ignorance (I have been riding an XR600R for the last 5 years) but what do I need to unplug/rejet/gut from the airbox to make make her be all she can be.

For any jetting reccomendations - I ride Hungry Valley California which is at an altitude of between 3000 and 6000 feet.

I ride patrol as a volunteer 8 hours a day on weekends so while I want the WR to be in top tune, I need something that is managable and will not wear me out in a few hours.

So far I have only ridden the girl about ten minutes (it is raining cats and dawgs and promises to do so through next Wednesday) but I am already in love with the girl. The XR and I go way back and I shall miss her but she can't hold a candle to the WR. :)

Chuck Duett

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