Jets Where To Buy Them Cheap

Everyone Talks About Changing Jets! Where Do I Go To Buy Them???


I bought min from a beauty shop! :) No, maybe a motorcycle shop. :) $4 a piece.

You can buy any jets you want from your local dealer at a cheap price. Anywhere from $2-$4 dallors each.

The trick is knowing which ones you want to buy. The reason "jet kits" are so expensive is because the company selling the jets spend many R&D hours testing different combinations of jets and needles to find out which gives the best performance. The money there charging for is for there R&D time.

I live in Australia & opted for a jetting kit from JD Jetting which I purchased from the TT Shop. They arrived here in australia in 10 days. Also ordered some other stuff from Yamaha Australia the same day & they arrived a week after JD's stuff... :) First impressions are very good!!! I still have some fine tuning to do... :)

Here'a a link to the Jetting page.

Dennis Kirk, cheap and always in stock!

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