New WR426 Break In

I bought a new 2002 wr 426 about three weeks ago. I have about 50 miles on it, and probably about 8 hours. The guys at the dealership told me that the oil didn't need to be changed until it had 20 hours on it. I did it with about two hours on it. The oil had a grey tint to it, and there were many metal shavings in the oil filter. I installed a zip-ty magnetic drain plug and my favorite oil (motul 300 V). I also cleaned the air filter. I rode about 5-6 hours yesterday and changed the oil this morning. It still looked a bit grey. There was nothing in the oil strainer either time. There were still metal shavings in the filter, and very small ones on the magnetic drain bolt. My dealer told me to bring it in for the first service after about 60 hours of use, and they would check the valve clearences and every other item that may need to be adjusted. Does 60 hours sound right to you? I may tend to over-maintain things, but I rarely have mechanical failures. Not that the bike needs it, but I think I am going to put a Yoshi pipe on it. Any duidance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance

You can easily go 100 hrs on the 426 motors (once a year for average riders)! :) Non magnetic flakes on the 426 's oil filters is normal.

Yosh is a great pipe! :)

I just picked mine up this last week as well and the bike only has 400 miles on it. I'll be poppin' the top to check the clearance next weekend. Let you know what I find. :)

Thanks Nuck, I pretty much baby the thing. What I was curious about was when to first check the valve clearences and all. Thanks Guys

I have almost 800 hard miles on mine and haven't had a valve job yet. I change the oil every 3rd or 4th ride.

A valve job and a valve inspection/adjustment are two different ball games. :)

I Am Looking For A "new"2002 Wr426 Myself I Just Missed One From Procycle,springfield Mo. Buy 6 Days..where Did You Find Yours At And Do You Know If They Have Anotherone Left???????????/

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