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Absolutely great info he on TT! Thanks again to all who help us newbies!! I'll pass it on to others in the future.

So far I have ordered from TT:

1) set of CFC Case guards

2) Unabiker Radiator Guards

*** I ordered these items to ship "Free Ground" ...any idea how long that takes?

I could not find BajaDesigns Skid plate on TT, so I made my TT purchase on line & went to Baja Design website. Thats where I could get into trouble $$$$$$, if you know what I'm saying.... SO, ...pretty soon after viewing the Skid Plate, I am looking at buying a new gas tank, etc.... I need advice from those who have blazed this trail before me.

Question #1) What tank should I get? Currently looking at the IMS tanks. I'm thinking the 4.2 Gal instead of the 3.2 plastic tank. $200-

Question #2) Dyno Jet Carb kit? $58- I hear this is a must. Is that so?

Question #3) What is this "3x3" Modification that is usually mentioned when the Dyno Jet Kit is suggested? I have no idea what the "3x3" thing is?

Question #4) If I'm doing all this, should I splurge & get the Yosh exhaust? Is there other exhaust recommendations? Is it a dramatic advantage? Is it suggested to do BOTH Dyno Jet Kit AND Exhaust at same time?

Question #5) I'm 6'3". Would I benefit from the Big DR Bar Risers? Where do I find them?

Mucho Gracias my friends! - Bill

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I like my white brothers skid plate, TT has them.

There are other custom version that cost more but give more coverage.

Try a search in the forum for more posts on them.

3x3 is the size of the hole you cut in your airbox, its on the www.drz.info

site in the last thread. You ditch the snorkel & do the dynojet kit for it.

Clarke 3.9 gallon is good TT has them, the IMS is more expensive.

If you got the budget now doing a full SS yoshi would be nice at

the same time you do the 3x3 & dynojet.

Not sure of bigdrs website, but I think there is a link on unabikers site.

www.unabiker.com Im not that tall so I didn't buy them. You could

also try a search in this forum. Tons of good info in the achieves.

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