Oil Change Question 04 YZ450F

Okay all, I've been riding bikes for many years and this new 04' bike has got me stumped. Here is the problem. When changing the oil (typical, no oil filter change), I take out the drain plug (bottom of engine), then side bolt (by gear shift lever), then the manual says to also unscrew the bottom oil filter drain plug. Should I have to do that if I don't want to change the filter?

Part two: After all the oil has drained, I hold down the kill button and kick 5 times, clearing out all oil leftover that didn't drain. Then I put all the screws back in, and fill with 1000ML or 1 Qt. Manual says 1.07 for typical change, 1.17 w/ oil filter change, for a total of 1.27 qts. Anyway, once I fill the bike with 1000ML, I start for 3 minutes. Let cool for 5. Check the dipstick for oil level and as soon as I unscrew the dipstick from the frame, oil starts flowing out!! This makes me believe I have to much oil in the bike, but this can't be!

Please help! Also, I do check for oil pressure and that is fine. Thanks.

yeah same thing happened to me ... but i came back from riding 150 miles or so and i checked my oil level and it flowed out of the dipstick hole .. i took some oil out i figured that it was too full ... i wouldnt worry about it

if you get it running around normal temp and then try and change the oil it all squirts out form the pressure. Id say warm it up for just a minute the change the oil and see what happens.

if you get it running around normal temp and then try and change the oil it all squirts out form the pressure. Id say warm it up for just a minute the change the oil and see what happens.

What pressure? :)

I think you forgot to drain the oil from the frame. Unscrew the bolt at the bottem of the tank where the dipstick is... when you fire it up most of the oil is pumped up into the tank

The engine was warm when I drained the oil, plus I kickstarted it with the kill switch on 5 times to get it all out. The only plugs (according to the manual) are on pg 3-15 of the manual. 1) oil tank plug (dipstick), 2) Oil filler cap, 3) Drain Bolt with gasket (main plug at bottom of engine), 4) Oil Filter drain bolt, and 5) Drain Bolt with Gasket (under shift lever).

If all of those are drained, what am I doing wrong? It's been 2 hrs, went back and checked it dead cold, oil still flows out when I take the dipstick out.

Where is this "frame" bolt under the dipstick located? Do I need to remove a plate or anything?

Thanks fellas. :)

S....O.....B. Case Closed. I found it. Damn. Thanks everyone. (knocking self on head with wrench).

If you follow the frame right below the head you will see one bolt all by itself. Empty the oil from there, as well as the case drain bolt, every time you change your oil. :)

Yep, the last post is correct. You only need to start it for about a minute or less. It doesn't take long at all to pump the oil up to the neck. If you get it to hot you will have the problem of it coming out all over!!! :)

Any need to drain the side bolt (under gear shift) and oil filter drain bolt then, if only doing an oil change without filter change? So just those two bolts, or all four? thanks. :)

I never remove that one. You'll get a very small additional bit of oil from there, as you will the feed oil line. However, no matter what you do, about 100cc of oil is going to remain in the system anyway, so I don't worry about it as often as I change the oil.

What cracks me up are the guys that insist that the small auxiliary drain and the oil line are absolute necessities, but will skip changing or cleaning the oil filter every other oil change. :)

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