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New Favorite front tire!!!

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I put 2.5 hours of seat time in on the new Maxxis SI front tire and I am sold. I can see why MXA said such good things about it. I would like to add that it was actually lighter than my worn out 742, by about 4 oz.

The track I was riding on was mostly loam, with a fairly firm base. The tire worked like I was on velcro through the soft stuff and it felt like it did pretty good on the hard sections as well. Not as good as my Bridgestone 401 on the hard stuff but good enough.

I am usually not this enthused about a new tire, but man this thing was great. And the price was excellent. I would encourage anyone who rides on anything other than hardpack to try one. Remember this is the SI, not the IT. I did not like the IT at all.


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